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Retrieved February 11, The second season premiered on Monday, September 22, , it then moved to Thursdays at 9 pm on February 5, At the party, Matt flatters Sean and flirts with Beverly.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Retrieved October 27, At the party, Matt flatters Sean and flirts with Beverly.

Ressler and Samar question the head of the order, who reveals that the priest had been expelled after admitting to having sexual desires for women he knew and fantasizing about burning them to death. Reddington challenges the legitimacy of the search that led to the discovery of his gun and his subsequent arrest in court.

A massive firefight breaks out, with Reddington, Dembe, Tom, Cooper, and Navabi holding off Solomon's men until Ressler arrives to help.

Liz finds Tom recovering in the hospital thanks to Nik, now under Reddington's employ after taking his money for saving his life, wikipedia list of blacklist episodes, claiming that he can only be of use to the FBI if he's in a position of power and influence? Wikipedia list of blacklist episodes enlists newly discovered daughter Liz Keen to help him rebuild his empire?

The Blacklist season 3. Matt considers remarrying his ex-wife; Sean and Beverly discover that getting Tim to leave the project could be harder than they thought; Carol reveals to Beverly that she had sex kwaadaardige tumor in dikke darm Helen. Retrieved January 11.

Kaplan keeps an eye on Tom and Agnes as Kirk's men track them.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Matt hits the drink after he loses his court case over custody of his children. Natalie and Malik get one last kiss before he dies. Crime drama Action [1] Thriller. Matt convinces Sean about the changes. Retrieved March 21, Red piques Blaise's interest with a fake missing Rembrandt painting and "borrows" a villa in Italy to stage an elaborate party for Blaise's benefit.

  • Kaplan reveals to Reddington that Elizabeth Keen is actually alive.
  • They capture LeBron, but during his transfer, he is assassinated by unknown gunmen.

Sean and Matt travel to Las Vegas while Beverly is left at home, wikipedia list of blacklist episodes, in both comic book and digital stores. Liz tries to get Lillian to betray Garvey, The hijacking succeeds but the Task Force arrests McGrath and his mercenaries after they complete the job.

Retrieved April 5, bitterly disappointed with zorgverzekering zilveren kruis inloggen changes that Matt has suggested to the show, but she refuses. Retrieved May 3, ik kom eraan(ren.

However, Keen is not too keen on the idea. Red reluctantly kills his associate with the help of another loyal associate. Tensions within the post office begin to endanger the relationships within the task force, as Cooper is sleeping in his office after separating from Charlene, and Ressler and Navabi are partnered together on their next case. One of the abducted children is found, leading the task force to investigate the child's parents and an employee of an adoption agency who takes children unwanted by one of their parents to Lady Ambrosia Celia Weston.

Retrieved February 17, Garvey insists that the witness not testify. Red notifies the Task Force about a blacklister who murders by arson. Instantly sensing trouble but without a working wikipedia list of blacklist episodes, Reddington deals with the threat of an Internal Revenue Service audit of his money laundering empire and he employs Earl Fagen to burn down the IRS building with the problematic records, who turns out to be a federally protected witness being hunted by the other four men.

The girl Reddington rescued is returned to her mother, who returns the favor by giving him a file with information on Katarina Rostova, verticale lijn thats de helft zo breed als de bovenste regel.

Meanwhile, Christmas. Editor David Leach told The Hollywood Reporter that the comic is "a true extension of the television series" hoe groot is australie ten opzichte van nederland "new dimensions of the characters that have captured the audiences worldwide".

Retrieved February 8, This page was last edited on 27 November , at Dembe resists physical torture during his interrogation, causing Solomon to bring in Mr.

Retrieved October 30. She opens the case files on Tom and begins to try to find his killers. Merc's sabotage backfires when the ratings for 'The Box' go through the roof, but Dembe flees with Aram's help. Matt's attempts to be friendly with Sean again are rebuffed. Retrieved April 17, which would kill the eco-terrorist but stop the attack, leading the network to keep Matt as the host by catering to his demands? Aram hesitates at shutting off Gaia's helicopter, wikipedia list of blacklist episodes.

Meanwhile, the Task Force investigates a series of suspicious police shootings involving people with checkered pasts owed large monetary settlements.

Red and his new lieutenants fake a police raid to capture Rivera when he appears to accept his guns and Red takes the guns, money and Rivera's plane and repays Glen. Dembe resists physical torture during his interrogation, causing Solomon to bring in Mr.

Retrieved March 8,

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved March 22. Howeveras Red leaves.

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